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Mofo BBQ Chipotle Hot Sauce 150 ml



It stands the test of time. The familiar BBQ Chipotle is the popular choice that proudly sits at any table to be used on any meal requiring sweetness and heat.

With a heat rating of 4 out of 10, you won’t have to worry about this Mexican hot sauce burning your face off. The spice is just right, and the flavour is unlike any other hot sauce. The mildness enhances the flavour of the peppers, bringing out more than just their heat and adding an abundance of rich flavour notes. 



How to use the Mofo BBQ Chipotle Hot Sauce

Be ready to keep coming back to it, because you can use it in just about anything. Our BBQ Chipotle hot sauce can be drizzled or splashed on any dish that requires extra South American flair. A staple of Mexican cuisine, you don’t have to stop there. This sauce goes well on chicken wings, a good juicy rib, eggs, grilled fish, or even on a salad. The only limit is your creativity. Just leave it on the table. From breakfast to dinner to bedtime, our BBQ Chipotle hot sauce doesn’t even have to leave your table. It’s so versatile that you don’t have to shy away from it at any point. Have it ready, for any occasion. You’ll be glad you did. Hot midnight snack, anyone?

What foods pair well with the Mofo BBQ Chipotle Hot Sauce?

Our hot sauces are versatile and reliable. All Smokey Q hot sauces you find in our shop are guaranteed to bring an amazing experience to your meals. Our selection of hot sauces goes from mild to very strong. They can be used in just about anything. Be it boiled, baked, grilled, or just a raw salad, we crafted our hot sauces to be experienced in any way possible. Need extra flavour? Use one of our BBQ rubs to cook your meals. They will soak into your meat or vegetables while cooking, and when you sprinkle our hot sauces on the finished meal, your mouth will be dancing with an abundance of the best flavours! Our products fit any pantry and find their way onto any table to bring an amazing taste to your dishes.


What’s in it? Nothing but the good stuff.

100% Natural Ingredients

All of our products are made using real, honest, natural ingredients. No weird chemicals, no fillers, no preservatives - just the good stuff.

Easy-to-use & versatile 

Our rubs and spices make elite-quality cooking simple. Just sprinkle or massage generously onto meat or veggies for immediately amazing flavours and tastes.

Perfectly Balanced Flavours

Everything at Smokey Q is meticulously crafted to perfectly balance all flavours, ensuring elite-quality tastes every time.

Australian Owned & Operated

Smokey Q is entirely Australian owned & operated, with a mission to create the best BBQ flavours on the market using only the finest ingredients.

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