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Aussie Mesquite wood smoking chunks



Get smoking with the right wood chunks.

100% Sustainably Sourced from local suppliers in Western Australia, Smokey Q brings you quality smoking wood chunks. Perfect for adding a mouth-watering smokeyness to your meats, mesquite wood adds a touch of earthyness to your smoking sensations.

A clean & healthy way to add smoke flavours to your meat, vegetables and seafood, our chunks are all natural with no artificial flavours or chemicals. These are the best wood chunks for smoking meat.

To smoke with wood chunks, simply place wood chunks in your cooker or smoker about 15 minutes prior to cooking, allow to burn through, and enjoy as the flavour smokes your meat. About 2-4 chunks is more than enough to smoke correctly.

You do NOT need to soak these wood chunks prior to cooking! This may cause smouldering and delay the burning time, taking longer to smoke and cook your meats properly. Keep your smoking wood chunks seasoned and dry for best results.

Suitable for all Charcoal BBQs, Gas BBQs and Smokers.