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Based on 37 reviews
Burnt Bees 🐝🔥

Best honey money can buy great on toast or on your pork ribs
You won’t be disappointed


Great really nice on food

Rib Rub
Noah Phillips
Family Favorite

My rub of choice for Lamb Chops, Pork Ribs and my homemade Beef Jerky. Just love it.

Best rub ever!!! 🤤

I am obsessed with this Chipotle Rub. It is the perfect spice. I literally have it on everything. From salmon fillets, chicken thighs, taco mince, hassleback potatoes, and even when I made bbq ribs. This will change your life.

Awesome beef rib rub

This charcoal bbq rub is the mainstay of a deliciously smoked beef ribs, sensational flavour!

Gods nectar (smoked honey)

With out a dought the best way to get that pork sticky is to finish with this baby. My favourite.

The ONLY rub for pork ribs

If you are cooking up your pork ribs on the grill and you aren’t using this rub, you’re doing it wrong!
Perfect balance of flavours, so good good even the fussiest of kids will enjoy it… trust me.

Perfect mix!

If you are looking for the perfect (and classic) mix to give flavour to your cut of red meat, give this a try.
I’ve used it on everything including rib eye (on the bone), sirloin steak and the classic beef roast.
Wouldn’t use anything else.

best wings

covered wings with honey bacon rub and 7 out of 7 people have raved about them ever since will be doing again very soon

Love Your Products

I have made multiple purchases now and absolutely love your products. The 2 Ultimate BBQ packs I purchased are a gift for my supervisor and a good friend of mine. I tell them all the time about you guys so surprising them both as they are based in Melbourne and I'm in WA and giving them a pressie they will love. Keep up the awesome work guys ... oh by the way cooked the crispy pork belly bao buns absolutely delicous even our guests last night loved it. Thank you

Family Favourite

Hands down this is the best and tastiest rub I have ever tasted . Do not be put off by the colour . I marinated fillet steak and put it in the smoker , the taste is amazing and even my kids smashed it which just proves how good it really is.

The best

So glad we ordered a bundle. My favourites are the Beef and Chicken rubs. The Bbq sauce and honey are absolutely amazing! I love having people over for steak nights so we can use the beef rub. 🥰

Love Love the Smokey Honey

We absolutely love this product. Pair it up with one of the rub and then add the honey on top and the flavour that it infused into our smoked briskets is just amazing. Another hint to add the honey onto freshly baked damper which is also amazing. What more can I say. You definately have to try this product you won't be disappointed.

Chipotle Spicy BBQ Rub
Steve Burrows
Best Rub Ever

This rub has the right blend of spice to be be used on any meat. I use it on brisket, pork butt, ribs and chicken. I have used other rubs, but always end up coming back to this one. Big hit with family and friends, everyone comments on how good it is.

Coffee steak

Best rub I’ve tasted for a steak, sublime.

Rib Rub
matt beresford

Absolutely the best flavour

Sweet Hog Honey & Bacon Rub
Cameron Ronnfeldt

Love it nice and sweet beautiful on a brahman hump. Great for all the beef I’ve used it on keen to try it on pork

The best rub ever

If you haven't had a bbq with this rub your missing out! My favourite is putting it on chicken and brocollini on the BBQ.
This rub will make your freinds call you a BBQ pit master!

King of The BBQ Pack
Jayme Kawalek

The packs were very generous.
Enjoyed them all.

Burnt Bees Smoked Honey - 300g

Bloody beautiful

I know it's a limited time only product but please don't get rid of it it is bloody beautiful I use it on almost everything burger patties, steaks, sausages and roasts and it doesn't even have to go through a smoker I will definitely get more down the track if it's still in stock

Rubs and sauce

Awesome love everything my bbqs are a sort up

Excellent I love it hotter the better

SPG is a game changer

I was camping with some mates and one of them had SPG. We used it on the lamb on the spit and we caught some fresh fish which we used it on. I purchased 3 bottles there and then. Now it’s my go to spice in the cupboard.

Great Gift Pack

Value for money. The range of flavours gives plenty of choice. Both receivers of the gifts will be back for more.

Prawn Tacos with Fennel

Prawn Tacos with Fennel

Prawn tacos receive their smokiness from the grill and from Chipotle rub, a versatile pantry item that performs admirably in modest amounts. Every spoonful of fennel slaw that has been prepared with lime juice and salt has a tangy crunch.

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Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese

Quick, easy, and tasty macaroni and cheese dish. This simple recipe is cheap and tasty and the whole family will love it.
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Shepards Pie

Shepards Pie

Shepherd's Pie is one of those dishes that makes everyone smile! That juicy, flavourful filling, the creamy potato topping, and the gorgeous golden cheese crust....

While lamb is traditionally used in Shepherd's Pie, beef works just as well in this dish. This is a tried-and-true recipe that you'll want to cook again and again!

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