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Chipotle Spicy BBQ Rub


3 reviews

An authentic and spicy Chipotle BBQ Rub

Hola Amigo! If you love a bit of heat while crafting exotic flavours for your spicy BBQ creations, you’ll go loco for this sensational spicy-sweet chipotle spice rub. Bring the authentic Aztec flavours home with this dry meat rub. Me gusta!

This hot, yet completely balanced blend highlights chipotle peppers that were historically used by the Aztecs of Mexico. Our subtle addition of chilli flakes adds texture and kick, while the garlic, onion and seductive smoked paprika balance sweetness and tang.

When to use the Chipotle Spicy BBQ Rub

This spicy BBQ rub tastes amazing with grilled chicken, but you can also add this wonderful spice to your life on veggies, pork, red meat, tacos, burritos and more!


    How to use the Chipotle Spicy BBQ Rub

    Simply drizzle olive oil over any BBQ-ready meat or vegetables before sprinkling the meat rub generously to give any dish an authentic and flavoursome South American kick. Muchos gracias!

    You’ll be having a fiesta in no time.

    How to turn the Chipotle Spicy BBQ Rub into a sauce

    Love the taste of our spicy meat rub but prefer it in sauce form? Turn it into a Chipotle BBQ sauce by simply blending it with your preferred oil and use to flavour your next Mexican fiesta.

    Why choose smokey Q's Chipotle Spicy BBQ Rub?

    • Vegan Friendly
    • Gluten Free
    • No MSG
    • 100% Natural Ingredients
    • Authentic Latin Flavours
    • Fiesta Worthy

    Available In: 

    • 150g Pouch
    • 500g Shaker
    • 3x150g Shaker Refill

    What We Put In It

    - Real, Natural Ingredients: Deborah Lake (WA) salt flakes, chipotle (15%), brown sugar, chilli, smoked paprika, coriander, garlic, onion, pepper, cumin
    Nutritional Information


    Ave Qty per Serve (25g**)

    Ave Qty per 100g


    253 kJ

    1010 kJ


    2.1 g

    8.6 g

    Fat Total

    1.6 g

    6.4 g

    - saturated

    0.3 g

    1.1 g


    7.6 g

    30.2 g

    - sugars

    5.2 g

    20.6 g


    2900 mg

    11600 mg

    * Theoretical values only. As per Food Standards Code, Nutrition Panel Calculator and/or USDA Food Composition Databases

    ** Estimate only

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Elza Jenkins
    Best rub ever!!! 🤤

    I am obsessed with this Chipotle Rub. It is the perfect spice. I literally have it on everything. From salmon fillets, chicken thighs, taco mince, hassleback potatoes, and even when I made bbq ribs. This will change your life.

    Steve Burrows
    Best Rub Ever

    This rub has the right blend of spice to be be used on any meat. I use it on brisket, pork butt, ribs and chicken. I have used other rubs, but always end up coming back to this one. Big hit with family and friends, everyone comments on how good it is.

    The best rub ever

    If you haven't had a bbq with this rub your missing out! My favourite is putting it on chicken and brocollini on the BBQ.
    This rub will make your freinds call you a BBQ pit master!

    What’s in it? Nothing but the good stuff.

    100% Natural Ingredients

    All of our products are made using real, honest, natural ingredients. No weird chemicals, no fillers, no preservatives - just the good stuff.

    Easy-to-use & versatile 

    Our rubs and spices make elite-quality cooking simple. Just sprinkle or massage generously onto meat or veggies for immediately amazing flavours and tastes.

    Perfectly Balanced Flavours

    Everything at Smokey Q is meticulously crafted to perfectly balance all flavours, ensuring elite-quality tastes every time.

    Australian Owned & Operated

    Smokey Q is entirely Australian owned & operated, with a mission to create the best BBQ flavours on the market using only the finest ingredients.