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BBQ Chicken Rub Showdown: Supermarket Vs. Homemade (Which Wins?)

When it comes to grilling up the perfect chicken, the debate between store-bought BBQ rubs and homemade blends rages on. As an expert in premium BBQ Rubs, we’re here to guide you through this burning question: Supermarket vs. Homemade—Which wins in the battle of BBQ chicken rubs?

In this blog post, we’ll discover the pros and cons between supermarket bbq chicken rub or homemade chicken rub.  

Supermarket / Store-Bought BBQ Chicken Rubs


When it comes to store-bought BBQ chicken rubs, convenience is a major advantage. You can easily pick up a bottle at your local supermarket and save time. However, the downside might be the additives and preservatives that come with pre-packaged options.


Chef and Owner of Smokey Q, Paul Lange says, “For those looking to streamline their BBQ preparation process, supermarket or store-bought BBQ chicken rubs offer a convenient solution that saves time while ensuring consistent flavour every time.”

Ready-made rubs eliminate the need to source individual spices and herbs, saving you time that can be better spent enjoying your meal.

Additionally, store-bought rubs provide a reliable way to achieve consistent flavour profiles, ensuring that your BBQ chicken tastes just as delicious each time you grill. With a wide range of variety and specialty blends available, you can easily experiment with different flavours without the hassle of creating your own blends from scratch.


On the other hand, “Supermarket or store-bought BBQ chicken rubs come with drawbacks. They could be expensive for premium brands and contain fillers or preservatives. While convenient, these rubs may lack the freshness and quality of homemade blends.,” he says.  

Additionally, pre-packaged options might prevent you from adjusting the flavours to suit your preferences. Some store-bought rubs can also be high in sodium or artificial ingredients, which may not align with your health goals. With Smokey Q Chicken BBQ Rubs, we guarantee no fillers or MSG!

Homemade BBQ Chicken Rubs


When making homemade BBQ chicken rubs, you get to control the ingredients, ensuring freshness and quality. However, it may require more time and effort compared to store-bought options.


Creating your own homemade BBQ chicken rub offers you full control over the flavours and ingredients without the need for fillers or preservatives often found in store-bought options. By making your own rub, you can adjust the spice levels, sweetness, saltiness, or any other flavour profiles to your liking.

Paul says, “Homemade rubs like our Smokey Q BBQ Rubs are more cost effective, plus we use fresher all natural ingredients ensuring that your chicken is seasoned with the best quality spices available.”


Making your own BBQ chicken rub at home will require more time and effort compared to using a store-bought option. Crafting a homemade rub includes gathering spices, measuring them precisely, and blending them to achieve the desired flavour profile. This process can be time-consuming, especially if you're experimenting to find the perfect balance of flavours. That’s why Paul recommends Smokey Q BBQ Rubs. Unlike store-bought BBQ rubs, we offer homemade rubs with no preservatives whatsoever. You can easily purchase them here for a fraction of the cost compared to store-bought rubs in Australia.

Why Choose Smokey Q BBQ Rubs


For those seeking bold flavours and superior quality in their BBQ rubs, consider Smokey Q as your top choice. Smokey Q stands out for its commitment to using the finest handmade Australian natural ingredients to create rich and flavourful blends that elevate your meat while barbecuing.

What sets Smokey Q apart is our dedication to quality, ensuring that all products are gluten-free and free from MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or fillers compared to supermarket rubs.

Additionally, Smokey Q supports Aussie Produce whenever possible, highlighting its commitment to local sourcing.

So, which BBQ chicken rub reigns supreme?

While both store-bought and homemade options have their own unique advantages, the ultimate winner in this showdown is homemade BBQ chicken rubs.

With the freedom to customise flavours and ingredients to your liking, homemade rubs offer a more personal touch to your grilling experience.  

Check out our BBQ rubs and impress your guests with a delicious homemade rub today.