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New Product Release !

New Product Release !

We are very happy to be launching very soon our Signature Blend Cold Smoked Honey with Moonshine.

The credit for the name must be given too David Hill from The Outdoor Chef he came up with the best name in a comp we ran months ago in the development stages.

SmokeyQ has sourced 100% local honey from beekeepers in Western Australia.The honey is then cold smoked using Murray River Redgum to give it that signature smokey flavour, and then we've added a splash of Crazy Uncle Moonshine from  Whipper Snapper distillery in Perth WA.


One thought on “New Product Release !

  1. avatar Greg Larkin says:

    Love the local content idea, it is a must for your product and a win/win with local producers. I look forward to trying this.

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