Lamb Oyster Blade

Lamb Oyster Blade

Pulled lamb oyster blade dressed in SmokeyQ Fierce Bull Coffee Rub

Having some of the best lamb in the world at our doorstep means it regularly finds it’s way onto our plates. When it comes to pulled lamb a shoulder is the way to go. Within the shoulder is the oyster blade. The cut, which can be a little difficult to source on it’s own, weighs somewhere in the vicinity of 1.5kg to 1.8kg. Despite cooking plenty of lamb shoulders in the past and obviously having eaten the oyster blade section, on it’s own we noticed it has a richer and stronger flavour than when combined with the other parts of the shoulder. The extra flavour is really pronounced and very tasty.

You can treat oyster blade as you would a shoulder but the good news is that the cooking time is about half, somewhere around the 4 to 5 hour mark.

Coffee is a natural flavour enhancer and works wonders on red meat. The acidity and bitterness of coffee works a treat on the savoury taste of lamb or beef. Fierce Bull Coffee Rub combines Fremantle Gesha Coffee with the additional flavours of salt, brown sugar, black pepper, smoke paprika, garlic, onion and cumin.


  • lamb oyster blade
  • SmokeyQ Fierce Bull Coffee Rub


  1. Trim the blade of excess fat leaving a thin layer of it over the surface of the blade.
  2. Lightly the brush the blade with a thin layer of mayonnaise or mustard and add the Fierce Bull rub. If time permits do this the night before to let the salt penetrate into the meat.
  3. Setup your barbecue from indirect grilling and preheat to 280f/138c.
  4. Add the blade to the cooker along with 2 chunks of nut or fruit wood.
  5. Check the blade after 3 hours. The bark should be well formed at this point.
  6. Cook until the internal temperature of the meat reads around the 205f/96c or probes with little resistance.
  7. Allow the meat to rest for a minimum of half an hour before pulling. The bones should slide right out.
  8. Enjoy your pulled lamb oyster blade!

This serving of pulled lamb was served with bacon wrapped asparagus, honey and hot sauce. It’s great alongside veggies, in tacos, pies, on pizzas, in rolls and sandwiches… there’s plenty of options.

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