Reverse seared Rib eye with Fierce bull coffee rub

Reverse seared Rib eye with Fierce bull coffee rub

Reverse seared Rib eye with Fierce bull coffee rub.


When it comes to cooking a steak, especially a big, thick high-quality steak I believe that the best way to do this is by the reverse sear method. With the reverse sear you sear the outside of the steak without the interior of the steak getting overcooked. There is nothing that will ruin a good steak more than overcooking it.

If you want the short version of how to reverse sear: start the steak over low heat, finish over high heat. The low heat cooks the steak and the high heat finishes it with a nice sear. Take the steak until 10-15 c below the desired finished temp then finish it direct over the top of the fire to get that lovely crust on the meat.

The well-balanced flavours of the SmokeyQ Fierce bull coffee rub will produce a lovely crust with an earthy flavour coming from the Gesha coffee we use in our rub.


  • Bone in rib eye steak - but any large cut is fine to use
  • Good quality olive oil
  • Smokey Q Fierce bull coffee rub


  1. Lightly brush the steak with the olive oil
  2. Give a good coating of the coffee rub on both sides of meat
  3. Get the kettle temp to 250f
  4. Add 1 piece of smoking wood (I used white oak this time) and then add your steak
  5. Cook until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 10f-15f below your preferred level of doneness. This time I took it to 145-150f as my family likes it a little more done ☹
  6. Then place meat directly over the charcoal and sear it both sides until desired temp is reached
  7. Remove from the fire and rest the meat before slicing up
  8. Enjoy your reverse seared Rib eye with Fierce bull coffee rub



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