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Fried Chicken Burger Bundle

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Create Fried Chicken the Colonel himself would be jealous of. 11 Secret herbs and spices? Nah, mate. Just a handful of Smokey Q's best rubs and blends.

Bringing together 2 of our best BBQ dry rubs, as well as one of our most flavoursome sauces & most sensational salt blends, we've created a bundle that will instantly take your fried chicken game to a level far better and beyond Kentucky. 


Containing 4 items in total, the Fried Chicken Burger Bundle includes:

The Smokey Q Chipotle Rub

: This hot, yet completely balanced blend highlights chipotle peppers that were historically used by the Aztecs of Mexico. Our subtle addition of chilli flakes adds texture and kick, while the garlic, onion and seductive smoked paprika balance sweetness and tang. It's sweet, spice, and everything nice

The Smokey Q Chicken Rub: 

Balancing zesty sumac notes with kaffir lime flavours, this is the ultimate white-meat rub. Perfect for seasoning your grilled chicken or delicate duck, it's your go-to game-changer for adding flavour and fragrance to your chicken creations. Combine it with the Chipotle Rub, and you're in a whole new level of flavour, son.

Smokey Q Bulls Head BBQ Sauce: 

Derived from tamarind and with a hint of vinegar, this bold and beautiful topping perfectly balances sweet and tangy notes, creating a rich flavour the American South would proudly call its own. It's a high quality, healthy BBQ sauce that is the perfect topping on chicken burgers (or any burgers, for that matter).

Smokey Q Chilli Salt Blend:

Blended with premium Australian sea salt flakes, pepper, garlic, and red chilli, this meticulous chilli-salt blend will give your culinary creations a roundhouse kick that’ll be sure to knock some socks off. Spicy, salty, tangy (and a little garlicy), this mouth-watering combination livens up all senses and complements the best flavours in your chicken dishes.


How to cook Fried Chicken Burgers

There are many ways to skin a cat, and just as many to cook up some excellent fried chicken. Check out our SQ Southern Fried Chicken recipe or our Crunchy BBQ Chicken Wings recipe for some inspo. 

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What’s in it? Nothing but the good stuff.

100% Natural Ingredients

All of our products are made using real, honest, natural ingredients. No weird chemicals, no fillers, no preservatives - just the good stuff.

Easy-to-use & versatile 

Our rubs and spices make elite-quality cooking simple. Just sprinkle or massage generously onto meat or veggies for immediately amazing flavours and tastes.

Perfectly Balanced Flavours

Everything at Smokey Q is meticulously crafted to perfectly balance all flavours, ensuring elite-quality tastes every time.

Australian Owned & Operated

Smokey Q is entirely Australian owned & operated, with a mission to create the best BBQ flavours on the market using only the finest ingredients.