Beef short ribs seasoned with Smokey Q Beef Rub

Beef short ribs seasoned with Smokey Q Beef Rub

Beef short ribs pack a massive flavour punch that put them right alongside brisket in the best low and slow cuts. Unlike brisket however, shorties require less babysitting when cooking. You can literally throw them in your barbecue and besides a little spritz now and then, take them out when they are done. You can also take the internal temperature further than the widely accepted ideal temperature of 203f/95c without fear of drying them out.

The SmokeyQ Beef Rub has a wonderful blend of spices and heat kick from the smoked paprika. There is also a sweet hit from the brown sugar that blends in nicely with the other flavours. All told, the SmokeyQ Beef Rub is a great compliment to the deep beefy flavour of short ribs.


  • rack of beef short ribs
  • mayonnaise or mustard
  • SmokeyQ Beef Rub


  1. Remove the fat cap from the top of the ribs. There is a thin silvery membrane between the fat cap and the meat which will not breakdown when cooking so it's important to take it off. Unlike pork ribs it's not necessary to remove the membrane on the underside of the ribs.
  2. Lightly brush the ribs with a thin layer of mayonnaise or mustard and then season with the SmokeyQ Beef Rub. The mayo and mustard will help the rub stick to the meat and encourage The Maillard Reaction.
  3. Fire up your charcoal barbecue for indirect cooking and aim to cook between 250f/120c and 275f/135c. If you are using wood chunks then add 3 chunks of your preferred fruit or nut wood.
  4. Check the ribs after 3 hours, in particular the bark. If it is well formed and a dark mahogany colour then give them a spritz with a 50-50 mix of water and either apple cider vinegar, apple juice or stock. If the bark looks as though it's still forming and there is a lot of moisture on the surface then leave them for another hour or so then spritz. Spritz every hour thereafter.
  5. A rough guide for when short ribs are done is for the internal temperature of the meat to be 203f/95c. For me this usually takes somewhere between 7 to 9 hours however I have had racks that have taken as long as 10 hours! So be prepared.

The beauty of shorties is that you can take them a little further than 203f/95c without fear of drying them out. In fact you will find some shorties actually need a little longer. The bottom line is that using your trusty meat thermometer the ribs should probe like butter.

If you're short on time then you won't sacrifice much by way of flavour and texture by running your cooker a little hotter. 300f/149c to 315f/157c will still result in delicious shorties.

Enjoy your SmokeyQ Beef Rub seasoned shorties!

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One thought on “Beef short ribs seasoned with Smokey Q Beef Rub

  1. avatar Brenton says:

    This worked out really well first time round. Beef short ribs were from Bruces Meat at St Agnes (Angus beef with lots of marbling). 3.5 hours to complete on the Weber GA using Cleanheat Charcoal and Hickory Chunks, average temp 120deg through out. Nice Beef flavor not too heavy or salty

    Also did with the Rib rub and was a slighty different flavor with a bit more sweet flavor.

    Also too note I used a couple of tablespoons of this with breadcrumbs when making crumbed beef schitznels as well and adds a nice flavor to it

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