Aussie Vegemite Scroll Burger

Aussie Vegemite Scroll Burger

Aussie Vegemite Scroll Burger


INGREDIENTS: Makes 4 burgers

 4 x Vegemite scrolls

1 kg coarse Beef mince

Smoking Guns Charcoal rub

2 Tomato’s

1 x Gem lettuce

1 x can Sliced beetroot

1 x can Sliced pineapple

Bulls Head BBQ sauce

4 x Eggs

8 Rashers streaky bacon

Burger pickles


Sliced cheese of your choice (I use Monterey Jack cheese slices)

2 Brown onions



  1. Heat BBQ to 150°c
  2. Wash lettuce and break leaves of stem.
  3. Precook bacon and set aside.
  4. Shape your mince into 4 large burgers and toss well in Charcoal rub.
  5. Cook indirect until you get an internal temp of 50°c and then place the pattie direct over the fire or charcoal to get a nice sear happening. Once you hit an internal temp of 65-70°c remove the patties and let them rest for 5 mins.
  6. Now it’s time to build that burger.
  7. Always start with the heavier items on the bottom of the bun so it doesn’t topple over.
  8. Stick a skewer or knife into the burger to hold it together.





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