Juicy Cheeseburgers with Fierce Bull Coffee Rub

Juicy Cheeseburgers with Fierce Bull Coffee Rub

INGREDIENTS: Makes 4 Burgers

500 grams coarse burger mince (Tip ask your butcher for minced chuck and brisket mince)

  •         4 tablespoons of Smokey Q Coffee rub
  •         1/2 cup Bulls Head BBQ sauce
  •         1 x Red onion sliced
  •         1 Large tomato
  •         4 slices Hi Melt or Monterey jack cheese
  •         Pickles
  •         1 x Gem or baby cos lettuce
  •         4 Brioche buns 


  1. Heat a smoker or BBQ to 200°c. 
  2. Shape the mince into 4 small patties about 125 gm then coat with Smokey Q Coffee rub
  3. Slice tomato & onion
  4. Blend some mayonnaise with a little sriracha sauce for that extra kick!
  5. Cook the burgers until medium in the centre around 70°c check this with your thermometer, and remember too use something flat and heavy and smash them down flat to get those nice crispy edges.
  6. Place cheese on top of burgers until it melts
  7. Once there ready remove them from the BBQ and let them rest for 5 mins.
  8. Assemble your burgers and enjoy with a coldie!

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