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chicken wings grilled


Take a peek through some of SmokeyQ's signature recipes.

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Chicken Pasta Bake - SmokeyQ

Chicken Pasta Bake

This chicken pasta bake is flavourful, cheesy, and simple to make. The entire family approves!

Look no further if you're seeking for a new hearty dish to add to your repertoire. It's awesome to make chicken pasta bake. It's a hassle-free, flavour-filled method to feed a hungry family. You will adore it.

Let's speak chicken first, then, shall we? Nothing is worse than a delicious pasta bake with chewy or bland chicken. In fact, just thinking about it makes my eyes water. Here is my advice if you're wondering "How do I prepare chicken before adding pasta?"

Before frying the chicken, it should be almost at room temperature. Directly frying refrigerator-fresh cold meat results in it going chewy.

Butterfly the breast: By cutting each breast in half, you'll get four equal-sized breasts that will cook at a more consistent rate. It also means that they will cook more quickly.

Do not scrimp on the seasoning! I utilise our delectable chicken BBQ rub & SPG Sea salt blend for this dish.

Allow the chicken to rest before slicing so that it can keep its juices.


Yep! Simply allow to cool, then place tightly covered in the refrigerator for at least one night before slicing. Although it won't be quite as soft or juicy, it still works perfectly for practical purposes!

Can I substitute cooked leftover rotisserie chicken?
To ensure that no flavour is lost when using leftover chicken, simply substitute it with the fresh chicken and season it with the sauce.

Can I substitute tuna for the chicken? Of course, you could simply add some tinned tuna instead.

Yes, you can make it vegetarian by adding any vegetables you choose by entice your children to eat their vegetables, Broccoli and cauliflower florets were added to ours.

For this quick, inexpensive chicken pasta bake, only 7 ingredients are required!
But here's a tip: replace the chicken with tuna to create two dinners using only one simple recipe.

Prawn Tacos with Fennel - SmokeyQ

Prawn Tacos with Fennel

These delectable Prawn Tacos receive their smokiness from the grill and from our authentic Chipotle rub - a versatile pantry item that performs admirably in modest amounts. Every spoonful of fennel slaw, prepared with lime juice and salt, adds tang and crunch. This is our go-to recipe for easily pleasing the masses.

Whole Baked Tiger Cod

Baked Whole Tiger cod

Cant beat fresh cooked fish straight from the ocean !

Grilled Cray Fish Tails - SmokeyQ

Grilled Cray Fish Tails

Grilled Glacier 51 Toothfish with Zesty Salt Rub - SmokeyQ

Grilled Glacier 51 Toothfish with Zesty Salt Rub

Tuna Steaks with Coffee Rub & Pesto Bean Salad - SmokeyQ

Tuna Steaks with Coffee Rub & Pesto Bean Salad